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I've started Consultancy Club to help independent consultant create flexible, profitable, scalable businesses, faster, whilst retaining a good work-life balance.

Having trained over 10 000 people in businesses in digital skills over the last 5 years, and running consultancies for 18 years, I get asked similar questions time and time again.

  • How can I create products and services that continue when I stop?
  • How can I work with household names and get paid more?
  • What digital marketing tools should I use?
  • How can I stand out?
  • How can I win new clients just working online?

So, I've built Consultancy Club to help people independent consultants, no matter what type of consultancy.

I'm going to be serving courses that help you get ahead much faster.

These courses are designed for people who already consulting, but want to know what works, and what should they be doing to get results.

Head over to the free Facebook Group too to help consultants:

We'll be adding more courses too, so do come back and see us.

Tiffany St James